24/7 museum of art

The Latvian National Museum of Art
Design & Programming


In the time of the pandemic, when your home was your office, sanctuary and party place, LNMM worked on an idea to: 1. help support actively working artists affected by the crisis; 2. adding the works of Latvian artists to the museum’s collection 3. develop an accessible digital art collection containing over 300 contemporary artworks. We are honoured that we could be a part of this project and develop digital platform.

UX & UI design

Looking to the examples of world class museums, the idea of the design came quickly. We tried to give various options to the user on finding a specific artwork or artist. We thought that it was really important to let user see the artworks close up to observe the details, and we used icons and pictograms to visually indicate user options.


Using various programs and platforms to combine all the information of more than 300 artworks transferred to photos and video files, all compiled in one web platform, which is fast, dynamic, safe and, most importantly - that all the artworks are viewable in high resolution.

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