Life Changing Brainstorm

Design & Programming


Yeah, for most of the people Brainstorm is an iconic band from Latvia. But for us they are the ones who changed what we believed we could do. Now music video and 3D animations for one of the largest music performances in Baltics is a part of our experience. And we want more!

The Garden of Eden

Do we have an extensive experience in music video industry? Not yet, but you have to start somewhere and Latvia’s most-loved band is a great starting point. Our main input was the animations in the beginning of the clip, as well as the creative assistance to the director and the band’s drummer Kaspars Roga. Of course the clip begins with the reference to the painting The Creation of Adam.

Brainstorm Official Webpage

Together with the new album “7 steps of fresh air” we helped to launch a new website as well. The result – simple, user oriented web page, which is the destination for thousand of band’s fans all over the world.

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