Helping out a Friend

Draugiem Group
Design & Programming


Draugiem Group are legends and not only in the Baltic digital landscape. They made Facebook before Facebook itself. Honestly! They are like the local Google - working in many different fields, ranging from print products and smart home solutions to strengthening people's friendships and providing wonderful gifts. Needless to say - when they approached us to create a website for them, we were excited.


Just like people, companies can be divided into those who like to talk and those who like to do. Draugiem Group definitely is the latter. And when there's a lot on your plate and you are overwhelmed with developing the best possible products for your business, it is only logical that you don’t have time for your own website and communication. And this was our main challenge - to create a design concept from nothing more than a simple B&W logo. In the very beginning we were quite puzzled, but then we saw their headquarters building and the inspiration for a design immediately came to us.


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