More than one way to spell "LMT"

Social Media


Working with the leading mobile operator in Latvia can be challenging – one moment you're making an introduction video for the latest iPhone, the next – creating 360° videos for a movie, while handling several ongoing campaigns. We like to be challenged, so we're taking care of 10+ social media accounts for LMT.


It's great to work at LMT, so we created series of videos to show it. It's great to use the latest gadgets from LMT, so we created series of videos to show it off. It's even great to fly above the trees in LMT's own private hot air balloon, so we created a video about that too. Check it out!

Digital solutions

From serious (and fun) landing pages to a Summer Solstice GIF collection, we try to experiment with new formats and expand the ideas throughout different channels.

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