Narvesen snackfluencer

Social Media

Explanation of product

Social media and influencer collaborations for Narvesen.


Life in the city is moving fast, but not as fast as we are. Together with Narvesen we're always two steps ahead when it comes to looking after our busy bees. Hungry? No problem, care for a hotdog? There's even a vegan option. Cold? Warm up with a cup of tea. Hot? Ha, even more options to cool down with. Bored? Grab a magazine. In a hurry? It's the 21st century, you can pay your bills while grabbing a morning coffee. Whatever your journey may be, we're right there, two steps away.

Digital solutions and campaigns

From mouth-watering and entertaining content to guiding towards a lifestyle that's both convenient and responsible. While doing so, we're also trying not to be the only storytellers. Using a wide range of digital communication tools and with the support of local influencers, we're creating as many opportunities as possible for our followers to interact with, by expressing their opinions, sharing their experiences and habits as well as just having fun with us.

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