25 years of lifting each other up

airBaltic 25
Design & Programming


In October 2020, airBaltic, the flag carrier of Latvia, was turning 25. And they let us throw the birthday party. Unfortunately, it wasn't the happiest of years for airlines. So we took it upon ourselves to help airBaltic lift the mood of employees and travellers.


We threw a party according to the best birthday traditions of the motherland. Every Latvian knows the joyful awkwardness of being lifted up in a chair for every year they've made it around the sun. The Airbus A220-300 wasn't gonna be an exception. We gathered the airBaltic family to be part of the event, as their loyalty seemed to be stronger than the laws of physics. Who’s the pilot? Obviously, the captain of the company - mr. Gauss. Together, to the beat of Happy Birthday, we lifted the plane 25 times.


And what's a birthday party without a cake? On the landing page we encouraged people to blow out the birthday candles and receive a discount code. By booking a ticket with the code, the passengers received a piece of cake during their flight.

Digital Solutions

In addition, we used interactive Instagram stories to lead people to the landing page. Oh, and the green birthday hat on the plane? You, sure, could wear a matching one as an Instagram filter and celebrate together with airBaltic. And the greatest thing - people did celebrate! We had half a million guests and countless greetings from all over the world. The smiles and positive vibes around the campaign was a breath of fresh air in the rather grim reality of the travel industry.

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