Virtual road mate

Skulptūru Mežs
Design & Programming


Muzeju Krātuve is your personal digital guide, which will help you explore the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome collection with your smartphone. It will show you the way around the museum, give interesting facts and history. At first glance, Its easy-to-use interface requires nothing more from you than curiosity and a willingness to discover something new. "We wanted to create a website for people who are keen on culture or would like to learn something new using the devices they already own."


At the beginning of this project, we considered different ways to orientate in a room and sculptures - from QR scanning, image recognition to wifi triangulation. The most effective solution for this museum’s exhibition was a 3D-oriented map with color codes and a layout that promoted simplicity.


Everyone realises that museums causes different emotions for people of different ages, that’s why, naturally, we added a gamification element to it. Two options - get to know the sculptures and test your knowledge afterwards or simply try your luck and hope to get to the laurel wreath at the end.


The mobile version is made for people whose phones are like extensions of their hands. And that’s alright! Turns out that the world we live in is unpredictable and you can always learn something new from the comfort of your home - and not necessarily being around sculptures. Once larger social gatherings are again allowed, don’t wait for your turn at the tablet, but go ahead and venture into the museum by opening

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